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jade face roller

jade face roller

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jade face roller

Indulge in the refreshing sensation of rolling two crystal textures across your face, promoting a vibrant and healthy complexion. The textured stone offers an intense massage to ease tension, while the smooth stone effortlessly glides over your skin to soothe and minimize puffiness. These rollers are recognized for their ability to encourage lymphatic drainage, relax, soothe, and smooth your skin.

Incorporate a cooling touch by placing the roller in the fridge for an added boost to tighten and tone. Gently apply our dual-ended roller along your jawline, cheeks, forehead, and under your eyes. For a more invigorating massage, use the textured end to refine and tone, and for delicate areas like your eyes, use the small smooth stone. The cooling jade will revive your complexion and promote radiance.

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