what should I do with the crystals once I'm finished with the essential oil roller?

kai's groove would like to focus on being an eco-conscious brand. which is why we'd like you to REDUCE, RECYCLE + RECYCLE. we came up with a few options on how you can help reduce waste with us.

  • pop the roller cap off of your glass bottle, empty your crystals into a small dish, then dry them! enjoy your crystal gemstones next to your bed, in your kitchen, living room or bathroom


  • send your bottle to us for a REFILL - yes a refill! package up your bottle in glass safe packaging (ex. bubble wrap, recycled paper) send it to our address here in Hawai'i. we will refill your bottle with the oil blend you choose, please see option on our product page

Kai's Groove

PO Box 301

Haleiwa, HI



click here to start on your refill!